Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Cleaner by iRobot

Everyone wants a clean home, but not everyone has the time or desire to vacuum. By combining dependable technology and thorough cleaning performance the Roomba 960 takes the once dreaded task of vacuuming off of your chore list. The integrated Android and enhanced iOS iRobot HOME app lets you control, program, and schedule the Roomba 960 robot vacuum from anywhere you have internet access. After the cleaning is completed a map can be accessed on the app showing you where the Roomba 960 cleaned. A cleaning sequence can also be initiated with the built in controls on the vacuum.    

With its recharge and resume feature the Roomba 960 will return to the charging base when the battery is depleted then pick up right where it left off after it's recharged. This allows it to completely clean one whole level of your home at a time. Its side brush and low profile allow it is get into areas other may miss, and the iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization ensures the Roomba 960 maps the space effectively for efficient cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Lithium Ion battery.
  • 75 minute run time.
  • 3 hour recharge time.
  • Tangle free dual extractors.
  • AeroForce High-Efficiency filter.
  • Automatically docks and recharges.
  • 5x more air power than previous Roomba vacuums.
  • iRobot HOME Android and iOS app for scheduling.
  • Edge cleaning.
  • Measures 13.8" x 3.6"
  • 1 year warranty and 6 months on battery.
  • The weight of the vacuum only is 8.6 pounds.

Supplied Accessories:

  • Home Base charging station.
  • Power cord for charging station.
  • 1 dual mode Virtual Wall barrier.
  • 1 extra filter.
  • 1 extra side brush.


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