Choosing A Vacuum


Which Vacuum Cleaner Is Right For You?


Cannister Vacuum Cleaners

This most versatile portable vacuum can be equipped with a variety of tools for carpet, bare floor, and above floor cleaning.

Can easily clean under low furniture, easy to carry up & vacuum stairs, easily switch between bare floor and carpet cleaning, attachments are easy to manage.

Some find cumbersome, takes up more storage space, tricky to manoeuvre around furniture.

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Upright Vacuum

The industries most popular choice for cleaning carpets, many of which now come with a variety of tools and accessories.

Easy to manoeuvre in open areas, easy to store, navigates easily around furniture, many now have hoses with on board attachments.

Many models can be heavy to lift, work poorly on bare floors, accessories have limited use, difficulty reaching under low furniture, tools can be difficult to operate and store.

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Stick Vacuum

A quick and easy way for picking up small messes without having to pull out the full size vacuum.

Easy to use for quick clean-ups, lightweight, low cost, very convenient, easy to store.

Very short lifespan when used as the primary vacuum, high dust emissions, less suction than full size vacuums.

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Central Vacuum

The industries most powerful vacuum cleaners, providing the best relief for most major allergy symptoms.

The most suction possible (with the appropriate motor size), long life, vent exhaust air outside, large tool selection, easy to operate on all types of carpet and bare floor, vac pan option, easy to clean under low furniture, adds to resale value of home.

Some find hose cumbersome, noise on non muffled units, installation required.

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