Central Vacuum Installation


Thinking about installing a Central vacuum system?

Did you know that we guarantee that a Central vacuum can be installed in your home or we'll buy your next vacuum? What that means is, If McHardy Vacuum Ltd. cannot install a Central Vacuum System in your existing home we will gladly give you a portable vacuum valued up to $300.00 or a $300.00 dollar credit towards the price of your next vacuum purchased at McHardy Vacuum! That's right; we guarantee that whether your home is old or new, you can have a Central vacuum too. Call for details.

A Central vacuum will give you the flexibility of whole house cleaning. With a Central vacuum, you don't have to lug around a portable vacuum, you simply plug in your Beam and let the suction do the rest. By doing so, you can clean every area of your home with unmatched power and convenience.

Are allergies a concern? Do we have good news for you! With a Central vacuum you can have all of your exhaust air vented outside. That means 100% of the air coming out of the vacuum leaves your home. No more fine dust, allergens or odours will be left floating around the air in your home. Research conducted at the University of California at Davis has shown that a Central vacuum system provides relief from major allergy symptoms…as much as 25%!

If you are currently building or are thinking about building, ask your contractor about installing a Central vacuum system. He can walk you through the process of what the layout will be like in your new home. Don't forget to have the VacPan automatic dustpan installed in your kitchen or any hard surface area. Then you can sweep your dust away into your system. If your builder doesn't install Central vacuum systems, give us a call and we can have the job done right. 

Thinking about installing the system yourself? This can be a fun weekend project. We carry installation kits that include everything you'll need for your home, including instructions. For a better idea of how to install a system and what is involved click on the following link:


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