Miele and Samsung Dust Mop Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

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Dust Mop Vacuum Tool - 1 3/8" Diameter Size

The Dust Mop vacuum attachment works great at removing the fine dust that most vacuum attachments can't reach. This is ideal for dark floors where dust-build up can be very noticeable. Remove the mop for easy cleaning and re-use it over and over again.


This product fits all vacuum cleaners that have a 1 3/8" diameter wand opening. To verify if your vacuum is this size, first determine if your extension wand or hose handle fits inside your attachments and not outside.  Then, measure the inside where the wand or hose handle fits into the tool.

This high quality dust mop will fit Miele, Samsung, and Bosch vacuum cleaners. Miele, Samsung, and Bosch vacuums use the 1 3/8" wand and hose diameter, however other vacuums may use this attachment with an adaptor which is available separately. For the Fit-All size (the most common diameter size) version of this dust mop click here. If unsure, simply call or email us with the make and model number of your vacuum for sizing information.


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