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Austin Allergy Machine Air Purifier

Now in Junior Size, Austin Air created the Allergy Machine for those who require more advanced filtration to help combat allergens. Like the other Austin Air purifiers the Allergy Machine has the same powerful yet quiet motor that will allow this unit to clean areas up to 700 square feet at a speed of 200 CFM (cubic feet per minute).  What sets this on apart from the others is the unique filtering process that combines HEPA filtration with advanced military grade HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Absorption) filtration to ensure that both allergens and air born chemical contaminants are absorbed. This filter also makes it the ideal choice for removing smoke.  Along with powder coated, baked on paint and metal construction means no off gassing in your home. When you choose Austin Air you are choosing a product that is still made in Buffalo, New York by a family run company who truly cares for your well being.

 Filter Life:

  • 5 Years with a 5 year warranty.

Key Features:

  • Best for allergy relief and smokers.
  • Covers 700 square feet.
  • Solid steel construction.
  • Does not produce ozone.
  • Eliminates 99.97% of particles down to a size of 0.3 microns.
  • Also Eliminates 95% of particles down to a size of .1 microns.
  • 30 square feet of HEPA filter material.
  • Guaranteed HEPA filtration (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting).
  • Military grade HEGA carbon cloth filter (High Efficiency Gas Absorption).
  • 360 degree intake.
  • Washable pre-filter.
  • Powder coated paint.
  • 3 speed motor.
  • Power rating: 1.2AMP, 12 Volt 82 Watts (high)
  • H 16.5" W 11" X 11"
  • 12 pounds total.
  • 5 year parts and labour warranty.
  • 5 year filter warranty.
  • Made in Buffalo, New York.
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