Beam Precision Central Vacuum Attachment Package

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Beam Precision Electric Central Vacuum Attachment Package

Combining convenience and functionally the Beam 012120 Precision central vacuum hose kit is well suited for homes with a mixture of carpeting and bare floor surfaces. Utilizing a swivel neck the Precision powerhead allows for easy maneuverability under and around furniture, while the built in LED headlight helps you avoid picking up large objects. However, an overload protection prevents the belt from breaking if a toy, sock, or shoelace is accidentally picked up. For a customized clean there are 4 levels of height adjustment making this central vacuum hose package ideal for low, medium, and even thick pile carpeting.

One of the most important, but often overlooked, maintenance requirements for all central vacuum powerheads is cleaning the agitator (or brush bar). If hair, thread, or debris, is allowed to build up around the bristles they no longer make contact with the carpet surface, greatly reducing the effectiveness of the vacuum. As well, hair build up will eventually cause the bearings on the agitator to seize resulting in a costly repair. To combat this problem Beam has incorporated the Brush Roll Clean Technology into the Precision powerhead. With the press of a button any build up will be cut away from the brush bar and sucked away by the vacuum. This is especially important if you have pets or individuals with long hair in the home as their hair can build up quickly.

Also included is a 13" bare floor brush with rubber wheels and bristles made from soft natural fibres. This gentle brush will clean any non-carpeted surfaces and will not cause damage to even the most delicate hardwood floors. For above floor cleaning the 3-in-1 tool will convert from a crevice tool, to a dusting brush, to an upholstery tool. Storing on the tool caddy which clips to the wand it will always be there when you need it. 

The hose is made from a crush proof material, making it lightweight and easy to carry. Incorporated into the hose handle is the powerhead on and off button, plus the ability to control the suction with the slider switch. This variable control means the suction can be increased or decreased depending on the cleaning task at hand. The suction control will work on any Beam central vacuum made in 2017 or newer. All other functions will work on previous models.

Key Features:

  • 30' or 35' electrified hose
  • Suction and power control in hose handle
  • Quiet non-slip belt
  • Multi-level height adjustment on power brush
  • Brush Roll Clean Technology
  • Hose is light weight and crush proof
  • Ideal for homes with mix of carpet and bare floor
  • 13" bare floor brush made of natural hair
  • LED lighted power nozzle
  • 1 year labour warranty
  • 3 year warranty

Supplied Accessories:

  • Powerhead with swivel neck and height adjustment
  • 13" wide floor brush
  • 3-in-1 tool converts from dust brush / crevice tool / upholstery tool
  • Durable 30' crush proof hose
  • Telescopic metal wand
  • Standard size attachment adaptor
  • Tool caddy
  • Hose hanger
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