SEBO ET-1 Central Vacuum Attachment Package

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SEBO ET-1 Central Vacuum Attachment Package

Now available in Canada is the German made SEBO central vacuum attachment package.  This set is a must for those who live in home that have demanding cleaning needs.  Have high traffic from pets, kids or lots of extended family running around?  This package includes one of the most durable and easy to maintain electric power nozzles made today.  This nozzle has multiple height settings for more efficient cleaning of different carpet types.  Driven by a non-slip belt, you can be confident that the power won't decrease as time goes on.  This also prevents the belts from breaking should you accidently pick up something up like a shoe string or those missing socks from under the bed.  Speaking of under the beds, this package contains a pair of telescoping wands that you can adjust for that perfect length.  One for the power nozzle and the other for the other attachments which makes it quicker to switch from carpet to bare floor cleaning.

The 30' light weight hose will provide the perfect reach for a proper rough-in.  This hose gives you the ability to switch on your central vacuum (all brands) as well as being able to turn off the power brush while still sucking.  This feature makes it easy to clean the edges of area rugs or it provides a gentle clean for those delicate carpets that don't need agitation.

The supplied attachments are all rubberized so that they are less prone to breaking as they are more flexible.  The floor brush is 12 inches wide which seems to be the ideal size for most homes.  It's wide enough for the open areas but not too wide for cleaning in and around furniture.  Also included is a dusting brush, upholstery tool and extra-long crevice tool.  These attachments can easily be used with the second telescoping wand.

Key Features:

  • 30' or 35' electrified hose with 3 way switch for activating the vacuum and power brush.
  • Quiet non-slip belt.
  • Tool free access to roller for cleaning.
  • Clean out port on base carpet head.
  • Multi-level height adjustment on power brush.
  • Hose is light weight and crush proof.
  • Ideal for homes with mix of carpet and bare floor.
  • 12" floor brush made of natural hair.
  • 5 year parts and labour warranty.

Supplied Accessories:

  • Swivel-neck power brush with multi-level height adjustment.
  • 12" wide delicate floor brush.
  • Rubberized dusting brush, upholstery tool and extra-long crevice tool.
  • Durable 30' crush proof hose.
  • 2 telescopic metal wands.
  • Tool caddy.
  • Hose hanger.
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