Thick Carpet Central Vacuum Attachment Package

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Thick Carpet Central Vacuum Attachment Package

The Premium package is a top choice for those in need of a deeper clean.  Our own testing has revealed that this is the best power head for cleaning all carpet types, especially deep pile, shag, frieze, and soft carpeting.  Many clients are asking "How do I clean soft carpet?"  We discovered that this power nozzle performs the best out of any power head we carry.  The large wheels and 5 level multi-height adjustment make it very easy to maneuver on all carpet types.

Included is a 12" bare floor brush that is made of natural hair.  This is to prevent scratching even the most delicate hardwood and to increase durability.  Also included is a dusting brush, upholstery brush, crevice tool, tool caddy and hose rack.  These attachments can be stored on the tool caddy that is included and the caddy can be clipped onto the vacuum wand.  The metal telescopic wand has a quick disconnect which makes it easier to switch between the power nozzle and floor brush attachments.  It can also be retracted to make vacuuming stairs easier as you don't have to bend over as far.

The hose has a looped handle that makes pulling and pushing easier.  To help prevent tangling, the handle swivels which also helps prevent the hose from splitting.  For convenience you can turn the vacuum and power nozzle on and off with the flick of a switch on the hose handle.  This three position switch can be set to Off, Suction Only or Suction and Agitation.  This feature works for most central vacuum systems on the market, new or old.  That means even if your canister isn't a Beam vacuum, it will still work.  The hose is a light weight crush proof vinyl that is much easier to pull along from room to room.  Even if it gets stepped on or pinched the hose always bounces back to normal.  We still recommend purchasing a hose cover with for your central vacuum hose to help protect your baseboards and furniture. 

Compatible with:
  • Beam Central Vacuum Systems
  • Eureka Central Vacuum Systems
  • Kenmore Central Vacuum Systems
  • Sweep N Groom Central Vacuum Systems
  • Broan / Nutone Central Vacuum Systems
  • Canavac Central Vacuum Systems
  • Hoover Central Vacuum Systems
  • Husky Central Vacuum Systems
  • Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems 

Key Features:

  • 30' electrified hose with 3 way switch for activating the vacuum and power brush.
  • Fiberglass belt for extended life.
  • 5 level height adjustment.
  • LED light on power nozzle.
  • Hose is light weight and crush proof.
  • Ideal for homes with mix of carpet and bare floor.
  • Best option for thick carpet (shag, and frieze).
  • 12" bare floor brush made of natural hair to prevent scratching even the most delicate hardwood
  • 1 year warranty.

Supplied Accessories:

  • Premium 13.5" wide power nozzle.
  • Telescopic wand with direct connect cord for power nozzle.
  • 12" bare floor brush
  • Premium long crevice tool.
  • Natural hair dusting brush.
  • Premium upholstery tool.
  • Tool caddy that clips on hose.
  • Hose hanger.
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