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Vacuum Canada VCCV180 Central Vacuum System

Simplify your decisions with a Vacuum Canada built-in vacuum for your home. These well built and simply designed central vacuums are made right here in Canada. The premium 600 air watt motor inside will make sure your carpets come out looking their best without sacrificing performance on your bare floors. Hardwood and tile typically need extra suction in order to pick up the heavy sands and dirt. This motor will be able to handle the daily messes and when paired with a lightweight hose from one of our kits, it's not a chore to pull out for those quick spills. The neighbors won't know when your vacuuming because these machines are only 55 decibels which is quieter than a conversation between two people! 

This machine can now be installed in a living space without worry of adding dust to the air with it's permanent HEPA filter that never needs replacing. And for those of you who prefer not to shake out a bucket full of dirt, Vacuum Canada pre-installs a humungous vacuum bag that you can use or remove if you prefer the bagless option. The container is easily removed with the help of two side handles ensuring the bucket won't slip out of your hands.

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Key Features Supplied Accessories
  • Made in Canada
  • 600 air watt motor
  • Ultra quiet 55 decibels
  • HEPA filter that never needs replacing
  • Bucket handles for easy empty
  • Bagless or bag option
  • 10 year parts warranty
  • 5 year labour warranty
  • Silencing muffler
  • Mounting bracket
  • 1 disposable bag
  • Bagless option adapter ring


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