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Vacuum Canada VCCV720 Central Vacuum System

The Vacuum Canada VCCV720 Commercial Edition was made for demanding use.  We have some clients who need to vacuum daily and a normal central vacuum cannot handle that amount of operation. The motor inside is a large and powerful slower running motor made with larger fans so that it can be used daily for hours on end without overheating. Perfect for oversized homes, large retail and office spaces and even some factory applications. Like the other Vacuum Canada central vacuums, the VCCV720 has the hybrid design allowing you to use either a bag or bagless option but either way you're protected by a lifetime HEPA filter. A 23 litre receptacle has handles and a latch system for easy emptying and like the other Vacuum Canada models it comes with a disposable bag pre-installed if you prefer more of a mess free option.

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Key Features Supplied Accessories
  • Made in Canada
  • 655 air watt commercial motor
  • 65 decibels
  • HEPA filter that never needs replacing
  • Bucket handles for easy empty
  • Bagless or bag option
  • 15 year parts warranty
  • 5 year labour warranty
  • Commercial use - 1 year warranty
  • Silencing muffler
  • Mounting bracket
  • 1 disposable bag
  • Bagless option adapter ring


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