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SEBO Felix Premium Upright Vacuum

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    SEBO Felix Premium Upright Vacuum

    Unlike any other vacuum, the SEBO Felix offers the best of an upright with the added flexibility of a canister vacuum.  Traditional uprights lack performance on bare floor because the power nozzle is designed to clean carpets not floors. SEBO's engineers designed this unique vacuum so you can remove the nozzle and attach a proper floor brush to better clean your floors.  Both the power nozzle and floor brush have a 180 degree swivel neck for added maneuverability.  The electric power nozzle can be switched off with the push of a button and it has a non-slip belt that won't stretch over time.  For an easier way to clean above your floors, the SEBO Felix converts into a hand-held vacuum by removing the nozzle and lowering the telescopic handle.

    Filtration is very important to the SEBO team which is why all of their vacuums have hospital grade micro filtration.  This provides 99.9% filtration of particles down to 0.3 microns; a strand of hair can be up to 100 microns thick so you can imagine how clean this machine is.  Also, quiet operation was a must so the Felix runs at 68 decibels which is slightly louder than a conversation between 3 people.

    This vacuum will not disappoint with its added functionality, style and durability.  Made in Germany and made to last.

    Key Features:

    • Ultra quiet 1300 watt variable speed motor.
    • Power controls on the handle.
    • 12" wide power head.
    • 12" wide floor brush.
    • Heavy duty power head for deep cleaning low to deep pile carpet.
    • 4 level power head adjustment.
    • Non-slip belt with overload protects against breakage.
    • 34.5' power cord.
    • 3.5 litre multi-layer disposable bag for added air flow and filtration.
    • S-Class hospital grade micro filtration.
    • Performance indicator lets you know when the bag is over full or when there is a blockage.
    • 10 year parts warranty.
    • 5 year labour warranty
    • The weight of the vacuum only is 15.4 pounds.
    • The weight of the vacuum without the power head is 9.9 pounds.

    Supplied Accessories:

    • On-board tools include upholstery and crevice tool.
    • SEBO ET-1 electric power nozzle.
    • 12" Parquet floor brush.
    • 6.5' wire reinforced stretch hose with comfort handle.
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    1. Fantastic Upright that works on hard wood floors

      I always wanted an upright that could work on hard wood floors and carpet and be has efficient has a canister and the Felix is it. I hated dragging a canister around, Yes I had "vacuum rage". I actually used a broom first and used the canister has a last resort!

      The Felix is great, it can move around furniture almost like a canister and it has amazing succion power, better then any other vacuum I ever owned. It fits in the closet nicely. Now I actually like to vacuum again!

      Thank you!
      on 5th Jan 2016

    2. Great product!

      I only have the "Felix" for 8 days but I'm very satisfied so far. I love that the head swivels which my last Upright no did. on 20th Jan 2014

    3. Vacuuming is now a pleasure again

      I purchased one of Sebo's canister vacuums last September from McHardy's. This was the first canister that I had used in a couple of decades, as I have always had uprights. I was very pleased with it's cleaning ability but it's manoeuvrability was somewhat frustrating. Sebo became aware of my concerns and have replaced it with the Felix Premium Upright. I am now totally delighted and now enjoy vacuuming again.

      The Felix is easy to manoeuvre and lies flat enough to clean under my beds properly. The Sebo ET-1 head is excellent at picking up dog's hairs (I have 3 large long haired dogs) usually with one pass and the 'L' shape is fantastic for cleaning around table & chair legs. The parguet floor brush is very good on the hardwood floors. The air filter is the pattern around the middle of the vacuum and Sebo make different designs so when it needs replacing, the vacuum can have a totally different look. It is only a small thing but it shows that someone has thought about the design of this machine. The Felix is well built and very robust, not like some of those flimsy plastic cleaners that out on the market.

      My one an only criticism is that it will not stand up by itself with the parquet floor brush, it has to be laid down on the ground. It is only a very minor point.

      This machine is worth every cent and will be with me for many years. My husband became so frustrated with the canister vacuum, that he refused to do any vacuuming. He loves the Felix and I now have to wrestle it out of his hands. Thank you Sebo for the Felix and thanks to McHardy's for all of your help.
      on 16th May 2013

    4. Great Vacuum

      Love this vac... Light and easy to use, worth the money. on 14th Apr 2013

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    • SEBO FELIX Film English

    SEBO FELIX Film English

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