SEBO Airbelt D4 Canister Vacuum

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SEBO D4 Airbelt Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Looking for a full size vacuum that's durable with outstanding performance? Consider the SEBO D4 Airbelt canister vacuum with its extra-long 40 foot cord, extra-large 6 litre bag and extra-large motor.  All things combined this German made vacuum is sure to tackle all of your cleaning needs.  The heavy duty, easy to push power nozzle will clean all carpet types with its 4 level height adjustment and independent on and off switch.  Have pets or long hair in your home? Now you can clean the brush very easily by removing it without the need of tools or a tremendous amount of force.  This nozzle also has a non-slip belt that won't stretch out or break in the event of a jam.  It is protected by an overload switch that resets once you remove the obstruction.  The 12" delicate floor brush will ensure that all dust and debris are quickly picked up without the chance of scuffing your floors.

SEBO has incorporated S-class hospital grade filtration in all of their vacuums.  This means that your SEBO vacuum removes 99.9% of all particles as small as .3 microns making this the perfect choice for people with asthma or allergies.  This is accomplished by a multi-layer 6 litre bag, a pre-motor filter and a post motor micro filter.  Other than replacing the bag, the only maintenance required is replacing the 2 filters about every 18 months.

Key Features:

  • Ultra quiet 12 amp, 1250 watt variable speed motor.
  • LED suction speed display.
  • Variable speed suction control on hose handle.
  • 12" wide power head.
  • Heavy duty power head for deep cleaning low to deep pile carpet.
  • 4 level power head adjustment.
  • Non-slip belt with overload protects against breakage.
  • Direct connect system free of loose cords.
  • 12" wide delicate floor brush.
  • 4 Swivel casters.
  • Airbelt bumper won't scratch furniture.
  • 40' power cord with automatic cord winder.
  • 61 decibles quiet operation.
  • 6 litre cloth filter bag.
  • S-Class hospital grade filtration.
  • Performance indicator lets you know when the bag is over full or when there is a blockage in the hose.
  • 10 year parts warranty.
  • 5 year labour warranty.
  • Made in Germany.
  • The weight of the vacuum only is 15 pounds.

Supplied Accessories:

  • On-board tools include upholstery tool, dusting brush and crevice tool.
  • 12" SEBO ET-1 power nozzle.
  • 12" Parquet delicate floor brush.
  • 7' crush proof hose with swivel handle for added mobility.
  • Telescoping wand.
  • 1 bag included.


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