Dyson AM09 Jet Focused Hot + Cool

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Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Heater and Fan

Utilizing their Air Multiplier, and jet focused technology, Dyson now allows personal and wide area heating with the AM09 Hot + Cool. Select 'Jet Mode' on the included remote control and the air will be directed in a linear path. When there are multiple people or you are looking to heat the room evenly select the 'Diffused mode' and the air will circulate throughout the room.  

Air Multiplier technology allows the Dyson AM09 to be effective without using exposed heating elements or spinning blades. This makes it easy to keep clean, and because it will turn off if tipped over, makes it safe for use around pets and children. The Dyson AM09 heater is 75% quieter than the previous AM05, and has a sleep timer feature, allowing it to be the perfect for the bedroom or nursery.

For the best comfort level and control the AM09 can be set to a specific temperature. It will heat the area up to that point, and then turn to standby. Once it noticed the temperature around the machine has dipped below the preset degree it will turn back on. This saves on electricity, and doesn't overheat the area. It can also be turned to the cool setting and used without heat making it useful year round. 

Key features:

  • PTC ceramic heater.
  • 1°C to 28°C settings.
  • Tip over shut off.
  • Sleep timer.
  • Jet focused and diffused steam setting.
  • No buffeting.
  • 75% quieter than Dyson AM05.
  • Oscillation control.
  • Touch-Tilt control.
  • LED display.
  • 26" tall.
  • Remote control.
  • 5.9' cord.
  • 2 year warranty.

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