Dyson V8B Cordless Vacuum - Refurbished by Dyson

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Dyson V8B Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Refurbished by Dyson

Looking for longer battery life at a better price? The Dyson V8B offers longer cleaning time over the V7 line and at an unbelievable price. This battery operated vacuum is made to suit your busy lifestyle and comes with the tools needed to keep a neat and tidy home. Both the included crevice tool and combination dusting brush / upholstery tool can be attached at the end of the wand for cleaning hard to reach areas like corners. Or detach the wand from the vacuum and convert it into a handheld vacuum for cleaning upholstery and carpeted stairs. The Direct Drive cleaner head can be used on all flooring types including carpeting and area rugs. The motor is located within the roller so that you maximize the width of the head allowing you to clean closer to your walls and furniture. For homes with mostly barefloor or hardwood surfaces we recommend adding the Dyson Soft Roller Head (966489-15).

Enjoy 40 minutes of cleaning with the non-electrified dusting brush / crevice too or 30 minutes with the Direct Drive head while on the low power setting. The re-engineered Lithium Ion battery is made from a nickel manganese cobalt material that will provide fade-free power, and won't develop a charge memory.  When you run out of battery life connect the unit to the charging / docking base and have full power in 5 hours.

Unique to the V8 line is the HEPA filters, which are Dyson's only HEPA filtering cordless model.  The HEPA filter cleans the exhaust air but instead of relying on filters to remove the internal dust the V8 Absolute uses 2 Tier-Radial Cyclone filtration. This technology allows for the separation of fine dust and dirt particles before the air passes through the filter. For best performance empty the dirt bin when the debris reaches the 'max' line and wash the filter under cold water monthly. 

Dyson refurbished vacuums are rigorously tested by certified Canadian Dyson technicians to ensure they meet strict performance requirements, including battery life. Genuine Dyson parts are used in this process if required. The Dyson V8 cordless vacuum is backed by a 1 year Dyson warranty. 

Key Features:

  • Refurbished by Dyson Technicians here in Canada.
  • Colour of wand will vary.
  • 40 minute run time.
  • HEPA filter.
  • 9¾" Motorized brush bar with 75% more power.
  • Direct drive brush motor.
  • Dyson digital V8 motor.
  • Fade-free nickel manganese cobalt Lithium Ion battery.
  • Bagless .4 litre receptacle.
  • 2 Tier Radial Cyclone™ filtration.
  • HEPA filtration.
  • 2.3' extension wand.
  • Washable filter.
  • No tools required for assembly.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • The weight of the vacuum only is 5.75 pounds.

Supplied Accessories:

  • Motorized brush bar for deep cleaning of floors.
  • Combination dust tool.
  • Crevice tool.
  • Detachable wand.
  • Battery charger.
  • Docking station.
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