Royal M1028 Commercial Vacuum

Royal M1028 Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner 14"

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    Royal CR5128Z Metal Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    Make your carpet-cleaning job easier with a Royal commercial vacuum that is easy to use and designed to pick up the embedded dirt that other products always miss. From hotels to schools to offices and restaurants, heavy traffic takes a toll on commercial carpeting. Protect the major investment you have made in carpeting with a durable Royal vacuum, crafted with die-cast aluminum. Royal Commercial Vacuums come with a lifetime warranty on the motor housing, fan casing and nozzle.

    Key Features:

    • Industrial strength 10 amp motor.
    • 14" cleaning path.
    • 50' power cord.
    • Disposable vacuum bags.
    • All metal construction.
    • Infinite carpet height adjustment.
    • Urethane wheels for better maneuverability.
    • Tools required for assembly.
    • 2 year limited commercial and lifetime warranty on nozzle, fancase and motor housing.
    • The weight of the vacuum only is 21 pounds.
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    1. Best Cleaning Upright you can buy for home use

      I bought this vacuum to use in my 2 bdrm apartment, & it replaces a bagless Hoover Air Pro vacuum I was never happy with & thought was a piece of junk. I owned a Royal & a Kirby G4 in the past, & knew I wanted another Royal. The Royal upright is a awesome deep cleaner! Think of the Royal as a "supercharged Kirby". The brushroll is aggressive & does a great job of grooming the carpet & lifting up the deep-down dirt. Don't worry about the weight when it says it's 21 pounds....the wheels are nice & wide, & the vacuum is VERY EASY to push & vacuum with. Belts are easy to access & change, & they are knurled on the inside so they "grip" the metal spindle so they last longer, not smooth on the inside like most flat belts. If you have a hard time finding belts, a Kirby 301291 knurled belt for the Kirby Generation upright, is virtually identical....same those can be ordered online & used if needed. The Royal can be used with the top fill shake out bag, or if desired, you can use Royal style B filter bags....inside the bag there is a black plastic top fill tube....just slide the bag clamp off, fit the bag on the tube, tuck the bag inside & put the bag clamp back on. The bags can be had in plain paper & micro-filtration generic bags, as well as Royal paper HEPA bags & white cloth HEPA bags. The 50 foot cord is a nice touch, too, I would imagine that for the average home you could do a entire floor without needing to re-plug. Also note that the Royal in the picture shows a fixed upper cord hook....that has since changed....the vacuum I received in April has a upper cord hook that swivels down to release the entire cord into your hand.

      The Royal does have a couple of minor drawbacks, though....the infinite height adjustment, it is a screw knob at the does adjust & work very well, but you have to bend down to use it & adjust the vacuum properly. The powerhead on the vacuum, since the brushroll is aggressive & a strong groomer, would be unsuitable to clean bare floors with, unless you disengage the would fling dirt around & scratch fine wood floors. There are no tools available to buy for the Royal....there used to be a tool set available, but has since been discontinued. If you want to use tools, for jobs such as cleaning couches, stairs & bare floors, you will need to purchase a separate canister vacuum, such as a Eureka Mighty Mite. The cord is a thick cord with a 3 prong plug, it would take some getting used to if used in a home.

      Bottom line - If you want a vacuum that is REAL QUALITY, & that's built to last & REALLY do a proper job of keeping your carpets clean, & you don't mind using a separate canister vacuum for hose & tool jobs, you can't go wrong with the Royal! I would imagine this vacuum would last a household 15-20 years before it needs replacement. This vacuum would be perfect cleaning a large home, especially one with pets & kids, high traffic & lots of dirt. Also, anyone who owns a Kirby & was considering replacing it, or anyone who was thinking of a Kirby but was put off by the weight of the vacuum, you owe it to yourself to go into McHardy's & try the Royal out in the store.
      on 10th Jul 2015

    2. Not bad

      The motor is 10 amp, not 7

      McHardy's Response:
      Thank you for your review and feedback! We have since updated the description to reflect the change in amps.
      on 1st Jun 2015

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