iRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum

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Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Emptying by iRobot

The next level of robotic vacuum cleaning is here! It cleans carpets, it cleans barefloors, and it even cleans itself. Combining the convenience of a robotic vacuum and the hygienics of a bagged dirt disposal the Roomba s9+ vacuum has the best of both worlds. Once the s9+ completes a cleaning cycle it will return to the Clean Home Base charging station, the dirt that was recovered and stored in the bin will then be sucked into the disposable bag installed inside the base. The dirt and debris will be trapped inside the bag until it is changed, preventing the operator from constant dust exposure when emptying the bin. Each disposable bag can hold up to 30 bin empties before it needs to be changed.

Equipped with Imprint Smart Mapping the Roomba s9+ learns the layout of the home and relays that to the map found on the iRobot HOME app. From there each room can be individually labeled - this allows a customized clean to happen. Set it to clean only one room, or the whole house, depending on personal preference. Also available in the app is daily or weekly scheduling, and applying virtual Keep Out Zones to prevent the Roomba from cleaning sensitive areas like around pet dishes and shoe racks. When an extra thorough clean is required iRobot has developed Imprint Link technology which connects the Roomba s9+ with the Braava m6 Jet mop (sold separately), once vacuuming is completed it will trigger the Braava to start a mopping cycle. Voice activation can also be controlled through the Amazon Alexa or Goole Home Assistant devices.

With its recharge and resume feature the Roomba s9+ will return to the base when the battery reaches the end of the charge, if the cleaning cycle wasn't completed the Roomba will return to the place it stopped after recharging and finish the job. This allows the Roomba to clean a whole level of the home regardless of how large the space may be. Advanced sensors allow the Roomba to clean against the walls and hugs edges, and the side brush deep cleans into corners. For cleaning the floors the s9+ uses the tangle free brush bars which are made of rubber instead of bristles. This is great for pet owners as the pet hair will not get wrapped around the brushes.    

Key Features:

  • Automatic dirt disposal empties the dirt bin into vacuum bag.
  • Lithium Ion battery.
  • 2 hour run time (on Quite mode).
  • 2 hour charge time.
  • Tangle free dual extractors.
  • High-Efficiency filter.
  • Automatically docks and recharges.
  • Recharges and resumes if in the middle of cleaning cycle.
  • 40% more suction than 600 series Roomba vacuums.
  • iRobot HOME Android and iOS app for scheduling.
  • Edge cleaning.
  • 2 cm threshold clearance.
  • Measures 12.25" x 3.5"
  • 1 year warranty.
  • The weight of the vacuum only is 8.15 pounds.

Supplied Accessories:

  • Home Base charging station.
  • Power cord for charging station.
  • 2 dirt disposal bags.
  • 1 extra filter.
  • 1 extra side brush.


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