Beam 3 Position Electric Central Vacuum Hose

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Beam 3 Position Electric Central Vacuum Hose

For those in need of a hose with a handle switch that will turn your central vacuum on and off as well as your electric power nozzle.  The hose comes standard 30' but can be upgraded to 35' long and has a looped handle that makes pulling and pushing easier.  To help prevent tangling, the handle swivels, which also helps prevent the hose from splitting. The 3 position switch allows you to control the suction and power nozzle right at your finger tips with the convenient switch built into the handle.

Designed to be a universal fit this hose will work with most existing inlets. Coming standard with the hose is an adaptor kit that will allow this hose to change to work with Super Valves.  The hose is a light weight crush proof vinyl that is much easier to pull along from room to room.  Even if it gets stepped on or pinched the hose always bounces back to normal.  We still recommend purchasing a hose cover with for your central vacuum hose to help protect your baseboards and furniture. 

 Key Features:

  • 30' electrified hose with 3 way switch.
  • Suction power control.
  • Power nozzle control.
  • Hose is light weight and crush proof.
  • 3 year warranty.

Supplied Accessories:

  • Adaptor kit for use with Super Valves.
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