WallyFlex Central Vacuum Hose

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WallyFlex Central Vacuum Hose - 13' Reach

Does your current central vacuum hose prevent you from cleaning certain areas within your home? Are you tired of having to pull out your central vacuum hose for just a small mess? Why not try a WallyFlex! Whether in a laundry room, garage, or workshop the WallyFlex is an essential and practical device allowing you a further reach in any inconspicuous area.

The wall mounted hose provides quick access to the power of your central vacuum. Simply lift the hose off the bracket and flip the switch to activate your system. This easy to use solution makes those quick clean ups a breeze.

A perfect addition to the WallyFlex unit would be a fit-all sized crevice tool, dusting brush, or upholstery tool for those hard to reach areas. For larger spaces, such as a workshop, buying a wand and bare floor brush would allow to clean hard flooring surfaces with greater ease.

The WallyFlex does not come with couplers, piping, or low voltage wire; therefore it is recommended you purchase the additional installation materials needed. WallyFlex can be concealed in a closet or cabinet and it is recommended to keep the console approximately 48 inches above the floor. The straight suction hose of the WallyFlex is not compatible with electrified power nozzles, but will work with air driven turbo nozzles.

Key Features:
  • Central Vacuum power right at your fingertips.
  • Hose that expands up to 13 ft.
  • Easy to install.
  • 1.25" hose end for "Fit all" attachments.
  • Can be used with most standard vacuum attachment accessories that you may currently have or can purchase additionally.

Supplied Accessories:

  • 13 ft. expandable hose.
  • Control console.
  • 3 mounting screws.
  • 1 mounting plate.
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