Retractable Hose Central Vacuum Home Cleaning System

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Retractable Hose System

Retractable Hose Central Vacuum Cleaning System

A revolution in cleaning has arrived! A retractable hose system that automatically retracts into your wall for storage. Never have to wrap up a hose, charge a battery or drag a heavy vacuum around your home again! 

  •  Simplified

Vacuuming your home is now as simple as pulling out any length of hose whenever you need it. You never have to feel as if it's a chore to get out the equipment and drag it all over the place. Simply keep your extension wand with floor tool in a convenient space and never worry about storing a vacuum or long vacuum hose again. This system is so convenient, there's no need for multiple vacuums. Get rid of the cordless stick vacuum, hand vacuum, garage vacuum, canister vacuum... 

  • Light Weight

The hose is ultra-light making it easy to manage and pull around furniture. Your furniture is protected by the pre-installed hose cover that prevents wear and tear on your trim, baseboards and table legs. The lightweight wand and floor tools are all you need to carry around making this system one of the best for people who find it difficult carrying or pulling a vacuum from room to room. 

  • Power

These systems are created with power in mind. Homes need power to pick up heavy sands, dirt and allergens that can damage hardwood and get deeply embedded in carpet. The extra power we provide also causes the hose to effortlessly retract back into the wall. Never again will you have to go over and over the same spot to pick up heavy dirt that most vacuums can't pick up in the first pass. And never worry about dead batteries, or dealing with a battery that is slowly loosing power or even worse, the vacuum who's tiny bag is full or paper filter that keeps on clogging.  

  • Installation

Retractable hose systems can be installed in most homes. We are currently installing in London and surrounding area as well as Oakville's Halton region and many areas west of Toronto. Please feel free to come into one of our locations to experience the system for yourself. 

  • Warranty

3 years on parts (1 year on labour if we complete the installation)




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