Numatic Easy Ride Airo Brush Carpet Tool

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Numatic Easy Ride Airo Brush Carpet Attachment

For a more aggressive clean we suggest the Numatic Easy Ride Airo Brush. Most of the Numatic vacuum cleaners come with no means of carpet agitation which can leave a trail of lint and hair stuck to your carpet. The gentle agitation of the roller is created by the suction of the vacuum cleaner driven by a non-slip belt so no power cords to worry about.


This tool has a 1 ¼" inner diameter opening to be used with Fit All size wands. Adapters for use in all models of Numatic vacuum cleaners are available separately. If unsure of sizing please call or e-mail us, we will gladly tell you if it is compatible with your current vacuum, or advise on the correct adapter.

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