Miele HEPA AirClean SF-HA 50 Vacuum Filter

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Miele HEPA Air Clean Filter SF-HA 50 - 1pk

Miele genuine Active HEPA filters are designed to help create a comfortable environment for dust, pollen and pet allergy sufferers and retains 99.995% of particles. This filter is designed to contain even the smallest particle to create a hygienically clean environment. The Miele HEPA Air Clean SF-HA 50 filter replaces the Miele Active HEPA SF-AH 50 filter.

Miele has included Time Strip technology into this filter for optimum performance and extended motor life. Activate the Time Strip when the filter is installed and replace it with a fresh filter once the colour completely changes.

Fits Models:

  • S4000 - S4999 Series Models.
  • S5000 - S5999 Series Models.
  • S6000 - S6999 Series Models.
  • S8000 - S8999 Series Models.
  • Compact C1 (not Classic C1) Series Models.
  • Complete C2 Series Models.
  • Compact C2 Series Models.
  • Complete C3 Series Models.
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