Michaels Equipment Type P920 Vacuum Bags 10pk

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Michaels Equipment P920 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Bags 10pk

P920 vacuum bags will fit all Premiere P920 and ProTeam Back Pack Vacuuum. Included are 10 PremirMichaels Equipment P920 disposable vacuum bags - part number MI5024.

Michaels Equipment bags will help to prevent dust build-up inside your vacuum while providing exceptional air flow. For optimum performance and minimal foul odour, change bag every 1-2 months or when full. To keep extra bags in good working order store them in a clean, dry place.

In The Package:

  • 10 Michaels Equipment vacuum bags.

Fits Models:

  • Fits Premire P920, and all ProTeam Back Pack vacuums.
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