FlipBUS Central Vacuum Pipe Cleaner Balls

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FlipBUS Central Vacuum Pipe Cleaner

There are preventative measures put in place to prevent clogs in central vacuum systems, and most owners know what they shouldn't pick up with their vacuum. However, there is still a chance for debris to collect and gather on the inside of the pipes and around the elbows. FlipBUS helps to prevent residuals from gathering, which can lead to a clog. The hard, spiked, balls get sucked through the system and help to dislodge any stuck debris. This central vacuum maintenance should be done each time the bucket is emptied. Simply open the central vacuum inlet and insert the dispenser, which will activate the system. Turn the dispenser until reach row has been sent through the central vacuum system. Retrieve the balls from the bucket and repeat the steps for each inlet.

Key Features:

  • Helps to remove debris from central vacuum pipes.
  • Works with all central vacuums.
  • Reusable.

FlipBUS Central Vacuum Pipe Cleaner Video:

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