Sanitaire SC6100A Restore Carpet Extractor

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Sanitaire SC6100A Restore Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Compact, portable, and high powered - the Sanitaire SC6100A Restore commercial carpet extractor is the all around answer for commercial and heavy duty residential cleaning needs. Using a large brush bar with multiple rows of bristles, a 1.75 gallon water tank, and your choice of cleaning solution, the SC6100 deep cleans carpeting and area rugs. When spot cleaning of carpeting or upholstery is required the hand tool with a 6" cleaning path and 9' hose is easily connected to the unit. This makes the Sanitaire Restore ideal for cleaning office chairs and carpeted stairs.

When not in use the handle of the SC6100A folds down on top of the unit allowing for convenient storage and portability of the carpet cleaner. When lifting the unit into vehicles or on stairs the front and rear handle incorporated into the body of the machine allows for a single operator to transport the unit.

Designed for commercial applications the operation instructions and quick start directions are permanently affixed to unit allowing proper use with minimal training, and across teams with multiple users. Large solution and recovery tank are easily removed from the unit for cleaning. Unlike other carpet cleaners, the Sanitaire SC6100A does not have have small crevices in the tanks where dirt and debris can get stuck. This allows the user to fully clean and dry the tanks helping to prevent odour build up.  

Key Features:

  • 12 amp commercial grade motor.
  • 10.5" cleaning path.
  • 35' quick change power cord.
  • Detachable 6" hand tool with 9' hose.
  • 2 gallon recovery tank.
  • 1.75 gallon water tank.
  • Large brush bar for deep cleaning.
  • Designed to clean all carpet types.
  • Agitator Shut-Off.
  • Cleans in both forward and backward passes.
  • 1 year commercial warranty.
  • The weight of the carpet cleaner only is 40.6 pounds.

Supplied Accessories:

  • 6" hand tool.
  • 9' accessory hose.
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