Sanitaire SC6060A Restore Compact Carpet Extractor

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Sanitaire SC6060A Restore Compact Spot Cleaner

The Restore Spot cleaner by Sanitaire is designed to clean  and be used quickly when a full size carpet extractor isn't required. Deep clean carpet, stairs, upholstery, mattresses and much more with this very portable carpet cleaner. Light weight and 5 foot hose will help clean any area of the home, office, retail space and just about anywhere you don't need a full size deep cleaner. 

Convenient 3/4 gallon tank powered by a 5.7 amp motor with commercial design for durability and strong performance. This commercial spot cleaner is also very popular for home owners that don't have much carpeting but still require a deep cleaner for unfortunate spills and dirt buildup in the home. It reaches almost 30 feet with the 22 foot cord and hose with 6 inch

Key Features:

  • 5.7 amp motor.
  • 6" cleaning path.
  • 22' power cord.
  • 5' hose.
  • 2 gallon recovery tank.
  • 1.75 gallon water tank.
  • Large brush bar for deep cleaning.
  • Designed to clean all carpet types.
  • 1 year commercial warranty.
  • The weight of the carpet cleaner only is 12.8 pounds.

Supplied Accessories:

  • 6" hand tool.
  • 8oz sample shampoo.

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