Miele Super Air Clean Exhaust Vacuum Cleaner Filter 3pk.

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Miele Super Air Clean Filter SF-SAC 20/30 - 3pk

Miele genuine Super Air Clean filters are the first defence against dust and allergens.  The Super Air Clean filter is designed for normal use and is made of multi-ply cloth material which is electrostatically charged to retain dust particles.  These cloth type filters are included with each package of Miele vacuum cleaner bags but some people may wish to change them more frequently.

For optimum performance and extended motor life, replace vacuum filter with every 4th bag change.

Fits Models:

  • Miele S200i - S858i model vacuums.
  • Miele S2000 - S8000 model vacuums.
  • Miele S7 Upright vacuums.
  • Miele Classic C1 model vacuums.
  • Miele Compact C1 model vacuums.
  • Miele Compact C2 model vacuums.
  • Miele Complete C3 model vacuums.
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