Miele SEB217 Vacuum Powerhead End Caps - 2 pack

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Miele SEB213 and SEB217 Brush Bar End Cap - 2pack

Yellow bushing for Miele SEB213 and SEB217 vacuum powerheads. These end caps hold the agitator (brush bar) in place while the vacuum power head is spinning. If the brush bar is no longer spinning, or not spinning freely, the end caps may be seized with hair or debris. To replace these bearings pull the previous ones off of the agitator and push the new ones into place. Each end cap has both an indent and ridge to ensure the bristles on the agitator are in the correct spot - for new agitators install the indent facing the top of the powerhead, for older agitators install the ridge facing the top of the powerhead to push the bristles out of the opening to make proper contact with the carpet surface. Both end caps needs to be installed the same way to prevent damage and noise. Genuine part number: 4941340.

Fits Models:

  • Miele SEB213 Powerheads
  • Miele SEB217 Powerheads


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