Miele Laundry Detergent Down 250ml

Discontinued by Miele - Replaced with SJ1006
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** Discontinued by Miele ** Replaced with Perwoll SJ1006

Miele Down Laundry Detergent 250 ml

Miele Down is the perfect detergent for washing down comforters, sleeping bags, pillows, winter coats and most products containing down.  The mild detergents will gently clean without removing the natural oils from your down products.  This helps to prevent lumps and bunching.  Miele down will also recondition the down to maintain its elasticity.

Environmental benefit: Contains neither phosphates nor zeolites.

Key Features:

  • Won't remove natural oils from down.
  • 250 ml.
  • 14 loads per container.
  • Prevents lumps.
  • Safe for all makes of HE washing machines.
  • Ideal for most washable down filled items.
  • Made in Germany.
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