Miele Dishwasher Cleaning Pack

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Dishwasher Pack

Miele Dishwasher Kit

Combining the power of Miele's Care Collection this package includes everything you need to get started with any brand dishwasher. It's not always the dishwasher that makes the difference - using high quality products inside of low to mid range dishwashers can help increase the performance, even with older dishwashers.

Key Features:

  • Salt softens hard water and prevents lime scale.
  • Rinse aid speeds up drying and prevents water stains.
  • Dish tabs are highly concentrated and in a water soluble wrapper.
  • Conditioner removes grease and limescale build up.
  • Freshener releases a pleasant lime and green tea aroma. 
  • All items are safe for any brand of dishwasher.

Package Includes:

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