Dyson Groom Tool

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Dyson 921000-02  Dog Groom Brush

The Dyson Groom Tool is the new mess-free vacuum assisted grooming brush for medium to long haired dogs. Removes loose hair directly from your dog. Hair is then sucked straight into the vacuum so now you can groom without all the mess.

Fits Models:

  • DC07 All floors, DC07 Animal, DC07 Pink, DC14 All Floors, DC14 Animal, DC14 Exclusive, DC14 Full Kit, DC14 Total Clean, DC15 Animal, DC17 Full Kit, DC18, DC20 All Floors, DC23 Multi Floor, DC23 Turbinehead Animal, DC24 Multi Floor, DC25 Animal, DC25 Full kit, DC25 Multi Floor, DC25 Pink, DC26 Multi floor, DC26 Turbinehead, DC27 All Floors, DC28 Animal, DC29 Absolute, DC29 Multi Floor, DC32 Motorhead, DC32 Motorhead Full Kit, DC33 Multi Floor, DC36 Turbinehead, DC37 Turbinehead Animal, DC42 Animal, DC42 Multi Floor, DC43 Animal, DC43 Animal, DC43 Full Kit, DC46 Turbinehead, DC51 Animal
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