Commercial Vacuum Powerhead Cord - 2 Wire to 3 Wire

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Electrical Cord for 2-wire powerhead into 3-wire Canister Vacuums - 9'

Many commercial canister vacuum cleaners have a built in 3-prong receptacle for connecting electric powerheads for deep cleaning carpeting. However, most electric powerheads only have a 2-prong connection. This cord allows electric powerheads with a 2-prong connection to be used on commercial canisters with a 3-prong receptacle. This includes many commercial vacuums including Cobex, Michael's, and VacTec. Part number: ZZ2001.

Fits Models:

  • Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaners a 3-prong receptacle
  • Commercial canister vacuum cleaners with a 3-wire connection


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