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Laundry: Keeping Your Clothes Fresh

Laundry: Keeping Your Clothes Fresh

18th Jan 2022

Single member household, or multiple children? In home laundry or using laundromats? Regardless of the answer everyone is plagued with the challenge of keeping their clothes clean and fresh. While we can't help fold and put your laundry away (which might be the most difficult part!) we can help you get the best cleaning results.

Persil Laundry Detergent

Offering unmatched performance is the Persil MegaPerls and Powder laundry detergent. Unlike the Persil commonly found in grocery and Big Box stores we only carry the High quality Made In Germany version. This provides effective cleaning results in front load HE washing machines as well as top load units. Not sure whether to use Megaperls or Powder? Consider the following: Besides being easier to carry and bring home, Megaperls are about 50% more concentrated than Powder and is ideally suited when storage space is crucial. The powder however offers a lower cost per load.

Specialty Laundry Detergents: 

Perwoll for Black and Darks

Perwoll Intensive Black Laundry Detergent:

Keep your blacks from turning into your grey's with Perwoll for black and dark clothes. This special formula helps to prevent fading caused by washing and fabric damage. 

Miele Sportswear Laundry Detergent

Miele Sportswear Laundry Detergent

Quick dry, GoreTex, and similar fabrics used in sportswear can hold onto offending odours. Miele Sportswear laundry detergent leaves athleticwear smelling fresh, without affecting the performance of the fabrics.

Fresh Wave Laundry Booster

FreshWave Laundry Booster:

Offers an all-natural option for removing odours from fabrics as well as the washing machine itself. Great addition for homes with HE front loading washers. Bonus Tip: Our Freshwave line also offers other great Odour removing products for the home including Gel, Candles, Sprays, and even beads for your vacuum cleaner.

Peroxy Blaster Stain Remover

Peroxy Blaster Stain Remover:

Don't suffer in silence when it comes to stains. By using oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, and biodegradable detergents, Peroxy Blaster fights through stains and can be used as a laundry pretreatment.