Butlers Choice Electric Central Vacuum Attachment Package 30'

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Butler's Choice Electric Central Vacuum Hose and Attachment Package

If your home has a mix of carpet and bare floors then consider this package that will deep clean them all. This simple, no-fuss hose and tool set is ideal for those who don't need any extras but still want a well built product. The power-head is made of high quality, rigid plastic with a non-slip belt that drives a rugged wooden agitating carpet brush. Your carpets will be brought back to life with the deep cleaning head that has 5 levels of height adjustment and a non-slip belt that ensures high speed rotation. For bare floors such as hardwood and tile, there is a gentle brush that lifts dust and dirt helping your floors shine.
Two separate wands are included in the package for an easier transition between carpeting and barefloors. One wand connects to the power nozzle and the second wand connects to the barefloor brush. Instead of disconnecting the power nozzle from the wand you can simply remove the hose handle with a press of a button, allowing you to re-connect the hose to the other wand. As well, for a thorough whole-house clean there is a variety of attachments provided. The crevice tool will help reach in tight spaces and corners, whereas the dusting brush and upholstery tool will allow you to clean the dust and debris from the remaining surfaces around the home.
The 30ft, light weight and crush proof, hose is the ideal length for all standard central vacuum rough-ins. Controlled by a 3-way switch this hose will allow you to turn the suction on and off directly at the hose handle, as well as turn the power head on and off. There is no need to un-plug the hose to stop the suction. We do recommend the addition of a hose cover to protect baseboards and furniture legs when using a central vacuum hose.
Compatible with:
  • Beam Central Vacuum Systems
  • Eureka Central Vacuum Systems
  • Kenmore Central Vacuum Systems
  • Sweep N Groom Central Vacuum Systems
  • Broan / Nutone Central Vacuum Systems
  • Canavac Central Vacuum Systems
  • Hoover Central Vacuum Systems
  • Husky Central Vacuum Systems
  • Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems 
Key Features:
  • 30' light weight crush proof hose.
  • 3 position switch will allow turn the machine on and off at the hose handle.
  • 12" cleaning path on power nozzle.
  • 5 Level height adjustment for better cleaning on all carpet types.
  • Quality wooden brush roller.
  • Non-slip lifetime belt.
  • Overload protection. 
  • 1 year parts and labour warranty on the hose package.

Supplied Accessories:

  • Self adjusting electric power nozzle.
  • 30' electric hose.
  • 2 piece wand with direct connection for hose.
  • 1 telescopic wand for bare floor brush.
  • 12" bare floor brush
  • Crevice tool.
  • Natural hair dusting brush.
  • Upholstery tool with removable brush.
  • Tool caddy that clips on hose.
  • Hose hanger.
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