Freedom Environmental Carpet Shake - 2lbs

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Freedom Environmental Powder Carpet Shake - 2 lbs

Freedom Environmental carpet powder is a convenient and versatile way to neutralize odours that can be deeply embedded in the pile of carpets, area rugs, or upholstery. Over time even with routine cleaning odours can resurface. With Freedom Environmental Carpet Shake you can eliminate the pesky problems of pet odours in carpets. Sprinkle the powder on the affected spots (dry not wet), leave for 3 minutes (or up to 15 for difficult odours), and then vacuum up!

Non-toxic formula is safe for use around pets, but it is recommended to keep pets off the area while being treated. Granular powder is safe for use in vacuum cleaners.

Key Features:

  • Non-toxic and non-caking
  • Concentrated for long-lasting results
  • Spring Fresh scent
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