Sanitaire Back Pack Vacuum

Sanitaire SC412A BackPack Vacuum

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    Sanitaire by Electrolux SC412A Commercial BackPack Vacuum Cleaner

    Yes, people may think you're a ghost buster but they won't believe how quick and easy large areas can be cleaned.  Backpack vacuums are the perfect solution for cleaning in and around desks and furniture because you are no longer pulling or pushing a vacuum.  A 50' cord can easily detach from the body of the vacuum to prevent any restriction.  A slinky type hose stretches as long or as short as you are reaching to prevent tangling and is mounted at the top with swivel cuffs for easy manageability.  To turn the unit on, the switch is located on a short cord that can clip on to the users belt for quick access.  A large 6 quart disposable bag can easily be changed by simply removing the top of the pack to reveal the bag and filtration system.

    For comfort, Sanitaire has constructed this back pack vacuum with fully adjustable shoulder and waist straps.  Waist straps help distribute the weight of the vacuum reducing stress on the shoulders.

    The tools included are an S-Wand which is in the shape of an S unlike conventional straight wands.  This allows the user to navigate around and under furniture with ease.  The wand set detaches in the centre for using the crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool which can also be used on the end of the hose.  For floor cleaning a 14" floor brush as well as a 14" carpet head is included.

    Key Features:

    • 11.5 amp single speed motor.
    • 14" cleaning path.
    • 50' 3 wire detachable power cord.
    • 6 quart disposable bag.
    • Adjustable shoulder and waist straps for comfort.
    • CRI Green Label Certified.
    • Noise level - 69 dB(a)
    • Switch on short cord for quick access.
    • No tools required for assembly.
    • 2 year commercial warranty.
    • The weight of the vacuum only is 11.5 pounds.

    Supplied Accessories:

    • 5' wire reinforced stretch hose.
    • 14" flat carpet tool.
    • 14" nylon floor brush.
    • 2 piece S wand.
    • Crevice tool.
    • Dusting brush.
    • Upholstery tool.
    • 1 bag included.
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    1. Great vacuum for backpackers and tinkerers

      If you can wear a backpack, the Sanitaire is a great vacuum cleaner. If a backpack is physically too taxing, you should probably avoid any housekeeping. The coolness factor alone makes vacuuming fun, but it really helps with stairs and narrow spaces. Suction is great. Weight and noise are no problem. The extension cord can get caught, but that`s very manageable and inevitable with the length. I`d rather have it reach everywhere than running back and forth to replug it. I think a retractable cord would just add unnecessary parts, weight and cost and not prevent catching at full length. I agree that the shoulder straps could use a little padding. The connections between the wand parts and attachments are clear design failures, but nothing that duct tape and some stuffing in the attachment nut couldn`t fix. Delivery was prompt. Given that backpack vacuums are almost impossible to find in regular stores at all, definitely at this price, I don't regret the choice. on 12th Dec 2012

    2. A Wonderful Discovery!

      I have had this product for two months. I was very pleased with the fast delivery of both the original machine and the replacement of a defective wand. I have an1800 sq ft house that has hardwood, ceramic tile and sheet flooring. The 50' cord allows me to vacuum the whole main floor without changing the receptacle.The 14" floor brush makes it fast and the swivel head makes it easy to maneuver around furniture. There is excellent suction from the carpet tool. It actually lifted a runner off the floor. I am learning to master the use of the dust brush on the end of the long s-wand to clean baseboards. The backpack makes it difficult to turn and bend in small spaces like doorways. My main complaint is great discomfort from the shoulder straps. They need to be padded. on 15th Aug 2012

    3. Great for home and cottage!

      I've bought two of these machines. They're like the cat hair on the carpet never happened!
      The first one was for home in the city. We've had central vac here for years, but it was too much of a production to take out and put away, so vacuuming just wasn't getting done. It's come in handy on all surfaces, is easy to take out and put away, and can be used by me or my older father.
      I then bought one for the cottage in the country. We had an old shop vac there, which is great for sawdust, but not carpets. The Sanitaire has proved wonderful in cleaning an old, been-used-before carpet as well as a tile floor. It reaches under beds and couches, and the attachments are great for reaching up and dusting the rafters.
      Having a back pack style makes stairs so much easier!
      My only two (very small) complaints are:
      - The cord is really, really long. But in some cases that's a good thing, and it is detachable.
      - The S-wand sometimes detaches in the middle and neeeds to be realigned. But it's quickly fixed, and happens only when I've been moving it really aggressively.
      on 5th Jun 2012

    4. Good compact back-back vacuum

      I found the Sanitaire SC412A Back Pack Vacuum a very good compact vacuum for all round comerical cleaning. It's a lot lighter than other pack pack vacuums I've used and with it's generous 50'ft cord it allows the user to cover more area in the least amount of time. This is a great vacuum within a very reasonable price point. In a large building with 3 floors of carpeted stairs this is the only type of vacuum to use.Great compact back-pack vacuum that isn't heavy like previous vacuum's of the same type. on 27th Jan 2012

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