IQAir Multi Gas GC Post Filter Sleeves 4pk

IQAir Air Purifiers
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IQAir Multi Gas GC Post Filter Cartridge Sleeves 4pk

IQAir can boast a "0" (zero) particle per million reading on the emissions of their units because of the sealed body, and the choice of filters. The IQAir Post Filter Sleeves are designed to fit the IQAir Multi Gas GC unit. These sleeves slip onto the Multi Gas Filter Cartridges. When placed in the air purifier unit the Post Filter Sleeves are the last filter the air passes through before it exits the unit. These filters are designed to be the final layer of filtration allowing you to breathe the cleanest air available.

For best performance change your filters by following the Filter Life Monitor system built into each machine. This monitoring system will tell you when your filter is reaching the end of its effectiveness. Filter life will vary depending on usage and air particle composition. With each new set of Multi Gas Filter Cartridges the Cartridge Sleeves should be changed as well.

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